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Phantom Museum Exhibition

Perevedenovsky Lane, 18, Moscow, 105082
Dates: November 8 – December 6, 2018
Participants: Sergey Katran, Kuzko Alexey, Roman Minaev, Anna Semenova, Natasha Timofeeva, Anya Tretyakova.
Invited guests: Alexander Minchenko and Alexander Batalov
Until December 6, 2018 space “Olivier” TIC Factory opened the exhibition (from November 8), which presents the joint installation of the Members of the Expert Council of the Tretyakov Prize.
The Phantom Museum is an attempt to create free space on the territory of art, to rethink the many interrelationships between institutional and alternative contexts of modern art and to construct the ideal “museum of the future”, the utopian center of modern art.
The Tretyakov Prize is an art project, a grassroots initiative that draws attention to the situation of the tightness of the Russian art scene. The aim of the project is to create an alternative environment in relation to state and private art awards, putting in focus the principles of popular voting and movement towards interdisciplinarity. The project combines an online gallery, options for critical remarks and sets as its mission the discovery of new names in art.
United by the project “Phantom Museum”, the participants raise the question of the actual need for institutions for the development of the artistic process. The artistic practices of each, in one way or another, are reduced to questions of the autonomy of art. Is the existence of an independent artistic environment possible? Are we able to create an alternative to hierarchical connections in modern art?
On November 16, the ceremony of awarding the Tretyakov Prize was held in accordance with the results of the popular vote in the nominations “Project of the Year”, “Unrealized Project” and “Tucer of the Year”, as well as an exhibition of prizes, each of which represents a work of art by the Members of the Expert Council. choice.
Members of the jury of the Tretyakov Prize


With a root torn from reality, the amputated museum of modern art does not disappear without a trace. Its contours flicker, the places of exposure of works of art store the unrealizable memory of levels. Photons are reflected from invisible walls, leaving bright rectangles of the video that did not happen on the flickering planes. It is impossible to fight against the consciousness of the artist, it is not able to accept the ban. The thinking of the artist is arranged in such a way that there is a short way from the project to its implementation. The project of the Museum of Contemporary Art, existing and real, but rejected and rejected as superfluous by imperious ideologues, provokes the consciousness of witnesses to the point of singularity to phantom pain. Performances at the Singular Symposium jointly with Natalya Timofeyeva and Vika Malkova, as well as performances of the Single Picket at the Khodynsky Field and Venice during the Biennale of Contemporary Art, organized by me together with Katya Bochavar, as well as a series of exhibitions The Internal Manifesto, the new initiative Tretyakov Prize of Ani Tretyakova, Natasha Timofeva , Anna Semenova-Gants, Alexey Kuzko and Roman Minaev, designed to raise the pathos of the elitism of Russian art and establish normal participants in the symposium and friendly contacts between participants xy ozhestvennogo process – all these practices provide the foundation and grant excessive energy space of the future building. An unpresented museum in advance receives the right to life in the reality of our consciousness and this registration makes it super-real, indestructible and protected.

Avtor: Sergei Katran