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Snow Policy

June 20 – October 21, 2019, Opera House, Tsaritsyno exhibition-installation of artist Sergey Katran

The Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve presents the exhibition Sergei Sergey Katran’s Snow Policy. The exhibition combines the capabilities of the architecture of the XVIII century and modern art.

Katran conceived the exhibition “Politics of Snow” as a gigantic installation, part of which includes the interior of the neo-Gothic palace, elements of its external decoration, and marble statues of the 19th century. Decorative rosettes on the facade of the building turned into “snowflakes” and took their place on the stele and flags that adorn the exhibition space.

The project is based on a fantasy of climate failure, which caused unprecedented snowfall in the summer months. For visitors to the Opera House, this strange natural phenomenon will not be a catastrophe, but the opportunity to take a fresh look at the palace (architect VI Bazhenov, 1785) and the famous Sheremetev collection of sculptures from the Ostankino Museum-Estate in Moscow. In this case, the viewer is included in the mystification, becoming its object and participant.

Snow Policy – a practical embodiment of the idea of ​​Boris Groys. “Let’s take the snow covering the Russian cities in an even layer. He is the artist, the powdered streets are his exhibition, you can criticize or praise him, but the artist’s plan will remain unknown, because it is impolite to impose your own anthropocentrism on such a consistent phenomenon of nature. So we get a romantic background. , and an absolutely hermetic modernist object, an innocent, abstract, always implacable site-specific. In the future, only snow, rain, sunlight and some others, absolutely non-commercial, by the way, nye phenomena and will be perceived aesthetically, and everything that makes a person will eventually become the domain of pragmatics – lower (bicycle-bomb) and the highest (politics, art) of the order. ” (Boris Groys. Snow as an artist.)

The start of the project was the performance of the PoemaTheatre group. The exhibition demonstrates the consequences of the weather anomaly: snow installations with the participation of Ostankino statues and plasma screens with performance documentation. A part of the installation is a sound composition specially written for the installation of the Politics of Snow by composer Vladimir Rannevym.

The exposition is accompanied by a sound series consisting of phrases from real media publications about heavy snowfalls, sung by the soloist of the Electrotheatre by Alexei Kokhanov.

Exhibition of artist Sergey Katran

Video art: Sergey Katran, Artem Go, Vasily Zharkoy

Video documentation: Evgeny Vtorov

Editor: Marina Ragozina

Video News Politics Snow: Anton Baranov

Composer: Vladimir Rannev

Vocals: Alexey Kokhanov

Choreography: Vlimimir Yermachenkov

Performance: PoemaTheatre

Design by Andrey Alekseev

Coordinator: Oksana Klescherova

Photo: Marina Ragozina

Photo: Dmitry Schelkov