Hug sculpture – 2 // 2019

Hug sculpture – 2, 2019

Height – 360 cm, diameter – 110 cm. Base – 180 cm.

Expanded polystyrene, gelcoat, flock, acrylic paint.

Sergey Katran: A sculpture for hugging is an object created for tactile interaction with a sculpture. The idea is based on the ability to accumulate love through a simple, friendly gesture – a hug. However, there is a natural distance between people. The hugging sculpture becomes a mediator and condenser of one person’s love for another, a testament to a non-verbal declaration of love.

Hug sculpture is a cylinder that was hugged by invisible, virtual little men – stickmen. They exist in a virtual space to help PC users. These are friendly anthropomorphic figures with generalized features, with a large head and a large tummy, resembling the figure of a child. On the Internet, a stickman can point out a useful rule or warn about danger, help with training, and offer friendly content. Since the stickman does not exist in real life, we can observe traces of his activity on the cylinder, which is called – Hug sculpture.