Sergey Katran is a multimedia artist, his favorite media are installation, performance, video art.

Artist Katran develops ideas of solidarity and mutual assistance between artists. Interacts with members of self-organized communities and develops its own initiatives. Katran’s works trace the ideas of universal connectedness, non-hermeticity and vulnerability of the world.

Has a keen interest in artificial and natural languages ​​as unique communication systems and monuments of civilizational identity. Sensitive to discoveries in the field of natural sciences. In particular, Katran is the author of works performed at the intersection of art and biology, anthropology, linguistics, quantum physics, astrophysics, mathematics and others. Many works were created in collaboration with scientists, composers and other artists.



2020, March 20 – May 19, Project 2020 – 2070, BSKD assistant, installation “Clean Zone. Operanik ”curator: Mikhail Slobodinsky, organizer: Rusnano, Wing“ Ruin ”, Architectural Museum. A.V Schuseva, Moscow

2020, February 12 – May 24, Man of Bones, Flesh and Blood, group exhibition, curators: Sergey Denisov, Ivan Kolesnikov, Diana Machulina, Evgeny Semenov. Organizers: The Pushkin Museum. Pushkin, TSHR, Educational Art Museum. I.V. Tsvetaeva, Moscow


2019, December 25, Kitchen Electrozavod, on the 7th anniversary of the Electrozavod Gallery, exhibition and performance, Moscow

2019, December 12 – 19, Constitution Day of the Liquid State of Nega, Electrozavod Gallery, Moscow

2019, December 3 – January 26, Geometry in the culture of the XX-XXI centuries. By the centenary of the Bauhaus. Part II Dark Matter Object, Curator Vitaly Patsyukov, NCCA, Moscow

2019, November 15 – 22, Moon in scorpion, the second Trktyakov Prize ceremony, joint work of the jury, Finishing workshop, Center for Industrial Property “Factory”, Moscow

2019, September 29, Independence Day of the Liquid State of Nega, motor ship Dolphin, Moscow river, pier “Moscow City” – pier “Ustinsky bridge” and back, Moscow

2019, September 26 – October 13, inclusive exhibition The Art of Being, object Sculpture for hugging, performance I am your eyes, Arsenal, Nizhny Novgorod

2019, September 19 – October 20, Bewitching the bewitched world, gala exhibition of residents of the Minsk art residence of the Big Family of Kombucha-Dostoevsky Kombucha, curators: Georgy Zaborsky, Pavel Voynitsky, Sergey Katran, OK16 Cultural Hub, Minsk

2019, August 3 – October 6, ANHYDRITE Biennale of Media Art, supported by inArt, Barbarossa Cave, Thuringia, Germany

2019, July 27, 28, Sonya Rocket, musical and poetic performance, together with composer Vladimir Rannev, 12 vocalists, curator Alisa Bulchak, Form festival, Bread factory-Flacon, Moscow

2019, July 25 – July 30, Form festival, curator Alisa Bulchak, hanging sculpture Longing for the sky 2.0, Between the pipe and the building of the Bread Factory, Flacon-Bread Factory, Moscow

2019, July 13-14, Forward-looking, contemporary art festival, curators: Elena Gubanova, Anna Zavedi, Installation Waiting Room. Fort Constantine, Kronstadt

2019, July 13 – July 21, Another atmosphere, social and art project, sculpture for hugging – 2, master class, curators Maria Moskvichyova, Dmitry Grazhevich, Tsaritsyno, Moscow

2019, July 12 – July 21, Draw it! Case of art therapy for seven artists, participatory project, curator and presenter: Olga Ornata, coordinator Ilmira Bolotyan, room 3-30, CTI Factory, Moscow

2019, July 3 – August 3, Until the word disappears, curator Natalya Fedorova, with the support of the NW NCCA and the Marina Gisich Gallery, Annenkirkha, St. Petersburg

2019, June 16 – October 21, Snow Politics, Tsaritsyno State Museum Reserve, Moscow

2019, April-September, curator at the Minsk residence of the Big Family of Tea Mushroom Kombucha-Dostoevsky, together with – George Zaborsky, Pavel Voynitsky, Cultural hub OK16, Minsk

2019, April, Another atmosphere, social and art project, performance, curators: Masha Moskvichova. Dmitry grazhevich. Bakulevsky Medical Center, Moscow

2019, March 7 – June 2, Art of being, object Sculpture for hugging, Gulf Stream Charitable Foundation, NCCA, Moscow


2018, December 27 – January 12, exhibition MMXVIII, an exhibition of residents, Gallery Electrozavod, Moscow

2018, December 21 – March 10, Fathers and sons, curator Olga Bozhko, work: oil paintings Marina Katran and Sergey Katran, New wing of the Gogol House, Moscow

2018, December 11, List, Series 5 of the Performance series Pleasant with useful, participants: Natalya Pshenichnikova, Sergey Katran, Oleg Makarov, Vladimir Ermachenkov, Ground Khodynka, Moscow

2018, November 29 – February 17, Premonition of Space, curator Vitaliy Patsyukov, co-curators: Svetlana Makeeva, Ekaterina Drakunova, video Space Message / Cultural Exchange, NCCA-ROSIZO, Moscow

2018, November 16, Award ceremony Tretyakov Prize, Member of the Jury, nominations: Project of the Year, Personal Choice, Tucer of the Year, TTI Factory, Moscow

2018, November 8 – December 6, the Phantom Museum exhibition, exhibition-installation of the jury of the Tretyakov Prize, Olivier Hall, CTI Factory, Moscow

2018, November 7 – 16, Creative Machine 2, curators: Anna France, Elena Gubanova, object Black Pool, Hatcham Church Gallery, Goldsmiths, London

2018, November 7, III Minsk International Festival of Post-sculpture, video: 1:30. Curator Pavel Voynitsky, Memorial Museum – Workshop of Zaire Azgur, Minsk

2018, October 5, Singular Symposium, anti-curator Sergey Katran, Khodynskoe Pole, Moscow, State of Nega

2018, August 25-28, the Kola Super-High / Space Message action. Culture Exchange. Curator: Elena Demidova, III International Literary Festival “Stool”, Monchegorsk

2018, August 3 – October 3, Fructus Temporum / Fruit of the Time, curators: Ekaterina Drakunova, Vitaliy Patsyukov, Installation of Seeds, video with Natasha Fedorova “Ritual”, Botanical Garden of Moscow State University “Pharmaceutical Garden”, Moscow

2018 July 20, Recycle Chapel, Public Art Project Artification. Recycle. Curators: Lisa Savina, Albina Motor. Collaboration project by Sergey Katran and the ArchAtak architectural group, Gamma Festival, Isakievskaya Square, the western facade of the Manege, St. Petersburg

2018, July 5 – 17, Apocrypha of Liberty, solo exhibition, Cafe Artist, Moscow

2018, June 29 – July 1, I’m going to search. Archstoyanie is children’s. 5 Festival of contemporary art for the whole family. Curator: Katya the Lieutenant. Public art Senoviki go to the sunny meadow when they want, together with Pavel Voynitsky. Village of Nikola-Lenivets, Dzerzhinsky district, Kaluga region
2018, April 28 – June 2, personal exhibition “The Secret Zone”, curator: Pavel Voinitsky, Art-Belarus, National Center for Contemporary Arts of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk

2018, March 12 – April 8,exhibition “Art in Process”, curators: Maria-Anna Courage, AlexGoncharenko (RU), IsvanEzsias (HU), 6 works from the Universe of fast-burned dogs, the Berlin version of 2018. Works were shot by the artist on March 13 2018, the day after the opening. Russian House of Science and Culture, Berlin

2018, March 23 – May 20, exhibition “Arrival of the Train”, curators: Vitaly Patsyukov, Ekaterina Drakunova, Anastasia Kozachenko- Stravinskaya, Svetlana Makeeva, Organizers: NCCA with ROSIZO (Russian State Museum and Exhibition Center) together with the Cultural Foundation “Ekaterina”, Cultural Foundation “Ekaterina”, Moscow

2018, January 23-April 20, solo exhibition 1:30, curator Jana Malinovskaya, Gallery 21, Winzavod, Moscow


2017, December 29 – January 11, 2018, MMXVII, exhibition of residents of the Electrozavod Gallery, Moscow

2017, November 20 – 26, Quiet Exhibition // Forbidden Place, Installation, Zverev Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow

2017, November 6, Singular Symposium “Zero Nanometer”, Exhibition “The Inner Manifesto,” the foundation of the State of Nega, Khodynskoe Pole, Moscow

2017, September 21 – October 1, My first Lenin, (object “My first Lenin”, 2017; video Copa, 2016 (with Alek Petuk)), curators: Sergey Chernov, Oleg Koshelets, MVZ Gallery Belyaevo, Moscow

2017, September 16 – October 1, Internal Manifesto, Anti-Curators: Katia Bochavar, Sergey Katran, Alanika Symposium “Vladikavkaz”, Vladikavkaz

2017, October 12 – 24, Yearning for the sky, object: Untitled, 2017 (Katran on the Wire), curators: Katya Sisfontes, Andrey Prigov, international project within the Parallel program of the 7th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Artplay on Yauza, Moscow

2017, September 21-26, Waterfront exhibition, curator Dmitry Pilikin, object “Ripples on the water”, Sevkabel, Vasilievsky Island, St. Petersburg

2017, August 1 – 30, Play exhibition, installation “The Chess of Sergey Prokofiev”, Gallery 21, Winzavod, Moscow

2017, 1 August – perpetually, Garden in Etretat, 30 objects from the “Word” series, Villa Roxolana, Etretat, France

2017, July 21 – 23, Arhstoyanie 2017, How to live? Happening: Children of geniuses rest on nature, Curator: Anton Kochurkin, D. Nikola-Lenivets, Dzerzhinsky district, Kaluga region

2017, July 15, Bastille Day, one-day intervention in New Moscow, curators: Natalia Timofeeva, Vika Malkova, installation “Fruits”, an old merchant’s park, Koncheyevo village, Novaya Moskva

2017, July 12 – 21, solo exhibition “Forbidden Place”, curators: Nikolay Onishchenko, Dima Filippov, Gallery Electrozavod, NIIDAR, Moscow

2017, July 11 – 24, the exhibition “The same message”, curator Elena Demidova, Bogorodskoye Gallery, Moscow

2017, July 4 – August 4, First International Biennale of Sculpture – Eurasia Sculpture Biennale, Installation “Seeds” , curators: Asya Hasanova, Eduard Ghazaryan, cultural program EXPO-2017, Palace of Peace and Accord, Astana

2017, June 1 – September 1, Exhibition “Food as a social car”, program: Street as a museum-museum as a street, poster “10 angry BAAs”, curator Nelya Korzhova, Organizers: Srednevolzhsky branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts, ROSIZO, with the support of OUTDOOR, Samara

2017, May 27-28, the exhibition “Rhythm. Motion. Dynamics”. Project ARTIS, art weekend, Gallery on Solyanka, Moscow

2017, May 11 – June 21, personal exhibition “Until The Word is Gone”, curator Vitaly Patsyukov, Palazzo Ca Zenobio, Venice

2017, May 11, art action – solo picket in Venice, 28 performers, initiators: Katia Bochavar, Sergey Katran, territory: from the Garibaldi alley to the entrance to Giardini, the Giardini embankment, Venice

2017, April 6 – August 7, the exhibition “Structures”, curators: Irina Karasik, Vladimir Perts, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

2017, February 25 – March 12, exhibition “Democracy”, curators: Lisa Savolainen, Alexandra Orlova, Rudomino Foreign Literature Library, Moscow

2017, exhibition “Framsis”, object “Types of matrices, 13”, curator Eva Arakcheeva, art space Printing workshop, Moscow

2017, April 25 – June 21, exhibition “The Inner Manifesto”, initiators: Katya Bochavar, Sergey Katran, Ground Khodynka, Moscow

2017, March 15 – May 28, 3D measurements by Sergey Prokofiev, curators: Vitaliy Patsyukov, Anastasia Kozachenko, object: Sergey Prokofiev’s chess (joint work with Nikita Spiridonov), partners: NCCA, Glinka National Russian Museum Association of Musical Culture, S.S. Prokofiev Museum, Moscow

2017, February 17 – March 10, solo exhibition “Alpha, Beta – Paradise”, CCCI “Typography”, Krasnodar

2017, January 26-February 7, Interpretation exhibition, Cyberfest-10, curators: Anna Frans, Elena Gubanova, oratorio of the fungus “Witch’s Ring”, in collaboration with :: vtol :: (Dmitry Morozov), Research Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg

2017, January 25 – February 25, Exhibition “My own time”, joint project of Gallery 21 and Alexander Mironov, Gallery 21, Winzavod, Moscow

2016-2017, December 17 – February 10, exhibition “Dream Cinema”, curator Katia Bochavar, video “Penetration”, “Valley of nomad fires”, Ground Peschanaya, Moscow


2016, November 4 – December 4, solo exhibition “Dig it!”, together with Alek Petuk, NeGTsSI on Khodynskoe Pole, Moscow

2016, September 26 – October 2, the exhibition “The phenomenon of a special theater in the mirror of the Proteatr festival”, the Sixth All-Russian Festival of Special Theaters “Proteatr”, Culture House ZIL, Moscow

2016, September 16, lecture “On account of the renaming of Moscow”, OT Betakontext, Berlin

2016, September 15 – October 15, Exhibition “MEM Group and Friends”, Russian House of Art and Science, Berlin

2016, August 27-September 4, exhibition “Against expectations,” curator Maria Poluektova, Creative Estate “Guslitsa”, Moscow region

2016, July 15, one-day exhibition “The tail of the train rides from the center” and the presentation of the collection “Lyrics”, studio 33, Guild of Art Design, Moscow

2016, June 20 – June 30, art residence “Smolenskoe Lake District”, public art, object “Cranes”, curator Jana Malinovskaya, coordinator Irina Peshnova, National Park Smolenskoe Lake District, Smolensk Region

2016, 16 June – 16 September, the exhibition “Museum of Sergey Kuroyhin. Protopip # 1, Center for Contemporary Art Sergey Kuryokhin, St. Petersburg

2016, 9-19 June, DADA Festival, Toastophone-1 (:: vtol :: andKatran), Voliary, curators: Vitaliy Patsyukov, Anastasia Kozachenko, NCCA, Moscow

2016, May 21-June 26, the exhibition “Co-author”, graphics “Flags. To the degree of confusion, “curator Katya Bochavar, Center for Urban Culture, Perm

2016, April 2-May 29, the exhibition “Co-author”, graphics “Flags. To the degree of confusion “, curator Katia Bochavar, Right wing of Gogol’s house, Moscow

2016, Audible

2016, March 10-April 15, solo exhibition “Until the word disappears”, Gallery 21, CSR “Winzavod”, Moscow

2016, April 3-17, the exhibition of the nominees of the Sergey Kuryokhin Prize, the documentation of the action “Snowstorm” (in conjunction with Mari Sokol, Andrei Mitenyov), Sergey Kuryokhin’s Center in Ligovsky, St. Petersburg

2016, January 26-31, exhibition “Reflection” , within the framework of the International Festival of Modern Cinema “2morrow / Tomorrow”, installation “Saga of Tin Soldiers”, curators: Ksenia Podoynitsyna, Tatyana Sherstyuk, Moscow Museum, Moscow


2015-2016, Library International Festival of Contemporary Cinema “2morrow / Tomorrow” in the Museum of Moscow

2015-2016, December 14 – January 31, Exhibition “50 meters” – based on the action “A Single Picket”, curators Sergey Katran, Katya Bochavar, Ground Khodynka, Moscow (booklet-newspaper)

2015-2016, December 4 – January 31, the exhibition “Hooray! Sculpture! “, Curator Anatoly Osmolovsky, object” Word “, CSR” Winzavod “(white workshop), Moscow

2015, November 11 – December 17, the scientific and exhibition project “Around the square or in anticipation of the hero”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the creation of the “Black Square”, curators Ivan Kolesnikov and Sergey Denisov, work from the series “Types of Matrices”, MVK of the Russian Academy of Arts , Moscow

2015, October 12, action “Single picket”, Special project of the 6th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art, with the support of the VZ Ground Khodynka, own curatorial project, performance “Shchastye” (“Happiness”), the construction site of the new building of the NCCA, Khodynskoe pole, Moscow (booklet-newspaper)

2015, October 3 – November 8, Noise Transcription, Special Project 6 Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art, curator Elena Demidova, object “Applicator of Katran”, performance “Tactile Object”, together with Elena Demidova (October 15), Darvinovsky museum, Moscow

2015, September 26 – October 23, Panoptikum Exhibition, Special Project 6 Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art, object “The Wheel of Time (black), interactive installation of” Seeds “, object” GROVE-1 “, Organizers: Elena Komarenko and Maxim Egorov , Curators: Elena Komarenko and Alyona Shapovalova DK M. E. Bauman MSTU, Moscow

2015, September 22 – October 18, the exhibition “Moebius Sound Loop”, a project within the framework of the “To See the Sound” festival, Curators: Vitaly Patsyukov, Olof van Winden, object: Toaston-1, authors: Sergey Katran,: vtol: (Dmitry Morozov ), Special project 6 of the Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art, with the support of the NCCA and the international festival TodaysArt, VZ “Belyaevo”, Moscow

2015, September 11-13, Cosmoscow, International Fair of Contemporary Art, “Matrix Types”, Gallery 21, Moscow

2015, August 25, “Forty” exhibition, “Snowstorm”, installation Sergey Katran, performance Mari Sokol, curator Andrey Mitenyov, “This is not here” space, Moscow

2015, August 18-September 15, “Prenatum Zone” exhibition, curator Katia Bochavar and Ground Hodyka collective, “Samechka” interactive installation, audio-acoustic installation “Big family of Kombucha-Dostoevsky tea mushroom listens to electronic music and / or vice versa”, electro -Acoustic part performed by Oleg Makarov, video “Progovory with Rosa” (“Talking through with Roza”), Ground Khodynka, Moscow

2015, July 7-8, Project “Monthly payment” (projectMonthlyPayment), “Exit”, curator Anna Buivid, object “Exit”, Begoniastraat 14-1, Amsterdam

2015, July 1 – July 29, “Signs of life”, a joint project of Sergey Katran and Ilya Romanov, curator Kseniya Podoynitsyna, Gallery 21, Winzavod, Moscow

2015, July 4-29, the exhibition “Parallel Ornithology”, curator Vitaly Patsyukov, video “Kazuar”, Gallery “Belyaevo”, Moscow

2015, June 20-21, GeekPicnic, the festival of science, technology and arts, the public art object “The Big Wheel of Time”, the Central Park of Culture. Kirova S.М. on Elagin Island, St. Petersburg

2015, June 13-14, GeekPicnic, Science, Technology and Arts Festival, public art object “The Great Wheel of Time”, lecture “From the art object to symphonic solutions”, Park Krasnopresnensky, Moscow

2015, June 10, “Video projection as a fragment of the installation”, a creative evening, the program “Visual Context”, curator Vitaly Patsyukov, coordinator Anna Dorofeeva, NCCA, Moscow

2015, June 5 – October 6 “Alice in the Land of Sciences”, curators of Alexander Dementiev, objects Mandelbrot Fungus, Fibonacci Mushrooms, Wheel of Time (gold), Polytechnic Museum, VDNH, Optics pavilion, Moscow

2015, May 16 – June 14, “The path of language. Joseph Brodsky. Images of Venice “, curator Vitaly Patsyukov, video” Escaping Venice “,” Belyaevo “Gallery, Moscow

2015, March 20, lingvo-performance “Peregovory with Rose”, studio Rosa Rücker, Berlin (video)

2015, January 16 – performance “Interview with Katran. Cultural exchange »residence of the Center for Contemporary Art” Fabrika “, Moscow (video documentation)


2014, November 25 – December 19, the exhibition “The Red Wheel of History”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the First World War, installation “The Saga of the Tin Soldiers”

Curators: Vitaly Patsyukov, Boris Klyushnikov, Belyaevo Gallery, Moscow (video documentation)

2014, November 20 – December 20 “Monthly Payment” / “Shadow”

Curators: Anna Buivid, Masha Arendt Workshop, Moscow

2014, September 30 – October 11, the exhibition of the art program “Paradoxes”

Central House of Artists, Moscow

2014, September 30 – November 9, the exhibition “The Man Playing”

installation of “TSUEFA”

curator group “Ground”, gallery-workshop “Ground Hodynka”, Moscow

2014, September 25-28 Festival “TodaysArt”

public art object “Trap for dreams”

curator Olof Van Winden, The Hague, Netherlands (program)

2014, September 16 – October 4, the exhibition “Mushrooms”

curator Katrin Borisov, RuArtsGallery, Moscow

2014, September 6-21

exhibition of the international project “Burlaki: Between Europe and Asia”, dedicated to the 170th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian painter I.E. Repin

curators: Nelya and Roman Korzheva, National Center for Contemporary Art, Privolzhsky branch, Center for Contemporary Art “Fabrika Kukhnya”, Samara

2014, September 5 – October 30

“ZOO-ART space – art between animal and human”, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Moscow Zoo

curators: Vitaliy Patsyukov, Aliya Berdigalieva, NCCA, Moscow Zoo, ZOO Gallery, Moscow

2014, June 27, the group action “The Action is rescheduled for uncertain time”

Perpendicular program in the framework of “Manifest 10”

General Staff, the Hermitage, St. Petersburg (photo and video documentation)

2014, June 27, personal action “Schastie”

Perpendicular program in the framework of “Manifest 10”

Dvortsovaya Embankment, the Neva River, St. Petersburg (photo and video documentation)

2014, June 18 – September 1, the exhibition “Paper Sculpture”

State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg (catalog)

2014, June 14-15, the festival “Homestead Jazz 2014”

object “Matrix”

Manor Archangel, Moscow

2014, June 13-14, Children’s Archstation “May”

master class “Ukrainian varenik, its meaning and purpose”

Laboratory of the Department of Fundamental Research of the Future at the Central Research Institute of PIPS, Kaluga Region, Nikola-Lenivets village

2014, May 17-May 30

art project “Aromorphosis”, as part of the art group “Bestiary”

curator Anastasia Dorozhkina, DK “MIR”, St. Petersburg

2014, May 13-June 15, the exhibition “ZOO-ZOO”

curator Sergey Katran, music curator Alec Petuk

State Darwin Museum, Moscow

2014, April 8- May 11, the exhibition “Ready for flight!”

curators: Lyusine Petrosyan, Dmitry Butkevich

Moscow Museum of Modern Art on Tverskoy Boulevard, Moscow


small hall of the NCCA, Moscow

2014, March 15-16, the exhibition “Laboratory of Media Poetry”

curator Elena Demidova

ISI on Petrovka, Moscow

2014, March 7 – May 25, the exhibition “The True Story of the Life, Death and Resurrection of Apothecary Kraft”

media symphonic installation “LOCUSARCANO” (video provided by Alexander Pettai)

curator Leonid Tishkov, Tula Historical and Architectural Museum, Tula (catalog)

2014, February 22, IV show of works of participants and teachers of the “Laboratory of Media Poetry”

curator Elena Demidova, “The Open Stage”, “Povarskaya 20” Theater, Moscow

2014, February 14 – March 9, the exhibition “Space of Lucida”

with the support of the NCCA, TodaysArt, (objects “Light in the field of absolute zero”, “Factory forgeries of Mark Rothko”, “Antifreeze radiator of Happiness and Optimism-1”, hepening “Call me at eight zero-zero-zero” (conducted by Vladimir Smolyar)

curators: Vitaliy Patsyukov, Olof van Vinden, State Exhibition Hall “on Kashirka”, Moscow

2014, February 7- April 1, the exhibition “Upstairs!”

curator Evgenia Kikodze, interactive installation “Garden of unearthly pleasures”, Museum of Moscow, Moscow

2014, February 6, the exhibition “Dietetic Exhibition”

curator Alek Petuk, mini series “Japanese garden of unearthly pleasures”, FabrikaHostel & Gallery, Nizhny Novgorod

2014, February 5 – perpetually, the exhibition “Art-Inoculation”

interactive installation “Park of Culture”, curators Marina Zvyagintseva, Vitaly Patsyukov

organizers: NCCA, Board of Trustees of the Morozov Hospital, Morozov Children’s Clinical Hospital, Moscow

2014, January 25 – February 23, the exhibition “The beginning of the composer’s time: the width of space”

Within the framework of the festival “The beginning of the composer’s time”, dedicated to the composer Igor Stravinsky. Video “Birth of Music”

curators: Vitaliy Patsyukov, Anastasia Kozachenko, organizers: NCCA, AN Skryabin Memorial Museum, Moscow


2013, December 14, IIArtSpaceEvent. Curator Katia Bochevar

Performance “Kosterok or ambiguity of the victory over the Sun”

Gogol Center, Moscow

2013, December 12 – 15, IIArtSpaceEvent. Curator Katia Bochevar

Dynamic object “The Big Wheel of Time” (BKV 16); installation of “Time Crystals”

Gogol Center, Moscow

2013, October 31 – November 2, the exhibition “OpeninnovationsExpo”, a media project “Diving into the Future”. Curator Olga Shishko, organizer: Center for Culture and Art “Media Art Lab” of the Museum and Exhibition Association “Manege”

Dynamic object “The Big Wheel of Time” (BKV 16); installation “Time Crystals”

Crocus Expo IEC, Moscow

2013, October 12 – November 4, V Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, special project “Gateways. Pole change »

Interactive installation “Binary distributor of freedoms”

Planetarium, Moscow

2013, October 5 – 12, II Caspian Biennale of Contemporary Art, exhibition “Selected Videos from Russia”

Video “Escaping Venice”

Exhibition Hall “Union of Artists of Azerbaijan”, Baku

2013, October 4 – 20, V Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

Special project “Spirit and Soil”, installation of “Grain”, performance “Grain”

State Exhibition Center on Kashirka, Moscow

2013, September 24 – October 15, the V Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, a special public art project “Mediadvor”

Interactive installation of Olympia

Higher School of Economics (Faculty of Journalism, Patio), Moscow

2013, September 18 – 22, “Monthly payment – September – Multi Co”, curator Anna Buivid

Objects “A match”, “Lighthouse”, a series of paintings “Mistakes” (4 pcs.)

International Fair Art Moscow, Moscow

2013 10 September – 1 October, the V Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, a special project “Cloud” (curator Victor Skersis) art project “Aromorphosis”, as part of the art group “Bestiary” (curated by Anastasia Dorozhkina)

Installation “A large family Kombucha-Dostoevsky tea mushroom”

Center for Creative Initiatives “Fabrika”, Moscow

2013, September 4, the opening of the public art exhibition “Mythology of Moscow”

“Manifest 884” – visual-acoustic pneumatic performance of the group “DADANET” together with punk-jazz group “Brom”

Museum of Moscow (in Provincial Warehouses), Moscow

2013, September 5 – 30, V Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, special project, public art exhibition “Mythology of Moscow”, curator Maria Udovydchenko

Object, video “Penetration”

Museum of Moscow (in Provincial Warehouses), Moscow

2013, June 25 – July 12, the exhibition “Monthly Payment” on a visit to PARAZIT / June: “WALL on a WALL”

Installation “MATRIX”

Art-Center “Borey, St. Petersburg

22013, June 4 – August 31, the exhibition “Lars Von Trier: The Mystery”

The installation  “Meteorites”, curator Artem Magalashvili, the Laboratory of Contemporary Art “Art Anfas. Art practice “with the support of the Consulate General of Denmark and the Danish Cultural Institute.

New Exhibition Hall of the Museum of City Sculpture, St. Petersburg

2013, May 29

The action “Mining field is the territory of art”

Parking for cruising yachts, stop Giardini, Venice

2013, May 28 – June 5, the exit session of the “Monthly Payment” at the 55th Venice Biennale

The theme of the exhibition is “Piccolo”


2013, May 18

The acoustic performance “censored father or emanation Parade Planet”, presentation nano-publisher “metaphysical grace” and first collection of poetry “28” (poem “stems” Sergey Qatran)

Cultural Center “Red October”, Moscow

2013, May 18, exhibition “Signs of life”

A series of “Mistakes”, curator Alec Petuk

Hostel-gallery “Fabrika”, Cultural center “Red October”, Moscow

2013, May 18

Performance of art group “DADANET”, “Drama of distance”.

CSR “Winzavod”, Moscow

2013, May 18, the exhibition “CultOlimp”

Interactive installation of “Calcio”.

CSR “Winzavod”, Moscow

2013 May 14 – June 23, the V Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, a special project exhibition “Book-Art Botanica”, curators Michael Pogarsky, Joan Fisher

The Victoria Fountain

Darwin State Museum, Moscow

2013, May 18

Art project “The Power of Light”

Sevastopol Art Museum named after Kroshytsky, Sevastopol

2013, April 23, one-day exhibition “Kazuar”

Presentation of the book “Poems”

NCCA, Moscow (program April)

2013, April 5 – May 5, the exhibition of nominees of the Sergey Kuryokhin Prize

Center for Contemporary Art Sergey Kuryokhin, St. Petersburg

2013, April 1 – July 31, “Industrial Cyclone”, III International Festival of Contemporary Art “Street as a Museum – a Museum as a Street”

Poster “Abstract art today. Autophotomot, curators Nelya and Roman Korzhov

Privolzhsky branch of NCCA, Samara regional charitable foundation “Center for Contemporary Art”

2013, March 14 – March 24, “Interior in someone else’s window”

Interactive installation of “Blizzard”.

Architectural and Construction Center “House on Brest”, Moscow

2013, January 19 – February 4, the international exhibition “Crosses”

Museum of Modern Art “Erarta”, St. Petersburg

2013, Light

2013, 5 March, Monthly payment / Flowers

Vita Buivid Studio, Moscow

2013, February 5, Monthly payment / Idols

Vita Buivid Studio, Moscow

2013, February 13 – April 21, the exhibition “The First Book”

Tsaritsino Museum-Reserve, Moscow


2012, December 20 – January 14, Personal exhibition “Rain”

Media poem “Rain”.

AL Gallery, St. Petersburg

2012-2013, December 20 – March 11, the exhibition “Sound material”

Installation of “Seeds”.

State Russian Museum, Marble Palace, St. Petersburg

2012-2013, December 19 – March 3, the exhibition “Decoration of the beautiful. Elitism and kitsch in contemporary art “Crescents”, 6 objects in the State Tretyakov Gallery, 6 objects in the gallery “Veres”. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow (catalog, 152-153 pages)

2012, December 10, the exhibition “Monthly payment. Blue”

Vita Buivid Studio, Moscow

2012-2013, November 23 – January 20, the exhibition “John Cage’s Experiments and Their Context”

Audio-visual object “Absolute zero zone. John Cage’s Refrigerator. ”

Organizers: National Center for Contemporary Arts (NCCA), M. Cunningham Foundation (USA), John Cage Foundation (USA), Cultural Foundation “Ekaterina”.

Cultural Foundation “Ekaterina”, Moscow

2012-2013, November 21 – March 10, the exhibition “Shadow of Time”

Installation of “Time Crystals”, (catalog, cover, page 32).

State Museum-Reserve “Tsaritsyno”, Moscow

2012, November 12 – December 7, the project “InTime” (Moscow)

Joint project of Sergey Katran and Ekaterina Sisfontes (Sweden), organizer: National Center for Contemporary Arts (NCCA), with the support of Al Gallery and the Museum of Organic Culture.

Center for Creative Initiatives “Fabrika”, Moscow

2012, October 25 – November 8, III Baltic Biennale of Contemporary Art

The project “New layer” (curators Anton Chumak, Dmitry Pilikin)

Rizzordi Art Fondation, St. Petersburg

2012, October 3 – 20, the exhibition “Mushrooms” (National Center for Contemporary Art NCCA)

The object “MATRIS”, the mythology of Vitaly Patsyukov.

Moscow Philharmonic Society. P.I. Tchaikovsky, Moscow (MF program, NCCA program)

2012, October 12 – 14, “ONTIME”, the exhibition of the LomonosovArt nominees for intellectual achievements in contemporary art, within the framework of the VII Festival of Science

Moscow State University, Moscow

2012, September 7 – 14, First Star Art Residence

Installation “Labyrinth”, action “Space message. Cultural Exchange “, together with the scientist-astrophysicist Sergey Nazarov.

Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, pos. Scientific, Bakhchsarai district, Crimea

2012, August 30, the exhibition “Organic movement in the art of the XX-XXI century. Sphere of the Earth »

Installation of “Time Crystals”.

Museum of Organic Culture, Kolomna, Moscow region

2012, July 11, Socio-Art Project “Another Atmosphere”

Object “Children in a cage”, dendro-aero-succulent object “Fruits” (model “Sail”).

Tushinskaya Children’s City Clinical Hospital № 7, Moscow

2012, June 30 – July 10, Exhibition “B / N”

The graphics series “error” (4 pcs.), The object “English fungus”).

Center for Contemporary Art “Tkachi”, St. Petersburg

2012, Holiday of MK, curator Maria Moskvichyova

Interactive object “Information collider”.

Luzhniki, Moscow

2012, June 2 – August 2, Personal exhibition “DISCOVER !!!”

Interactive video symphony installation (new version), (with the support of AL Gallery, St. Petersburg and the State Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow).

Gallery “Room”, Theater “School of Modern Play”, Moscow

2012, May 31 – July 1, Exhibition “Na pole on” (“On the Field he is”), the theme of the festival: “Napoleon 12”, the festival “Art Anfas. Artistic practices »

Objects “St. Helena”, “Victoria Fountain”, “Cake Napoleon”.

Lazarev gallery, St. Petersburg

2012, May 19, the action “Nomadic Museum of Modern Art”

Object “Cage for balls”.

Tsentralny Boulevards, Moscow

2012, May 13 – 20, the exhibition “Total Irony”

The object “MATRIS”, video art “The Seagulls” (together with A. Pettai).

CI Belyaevo, Moscow

2012, May, the exhibition “Original Fake”

Installation «Factory forgeries of Mark Rothko».

State Darwin Museum, Moscow

2012, May 19, The Night of the Museums

Performance of the group “Dadanet” “Party”.

State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

2012, May 19 – June 3, “The triumph of Kaissa. Dedication to Marcel Duchamp ”

Installation “Fibonacci Chairs”.

State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

2012, February 21, action visual-sound action “The last time, but not the last day” Cancel the End of the World ”

Object “CESARKA SUPER – 7” (joint work with Smolar Vladimir), (poster, program).

Moscow Philharmonic Society. P.I. Tchaikovsky, Moscow

2012, January 19 – February 12, Personal exhibition “DISCOVER!”

Interactive video symphony installation.

AL Gallery, St. Petersburg

2012, January 13 – 19, the exhibition “The Regeneration of Reason”, the XVII exhibition project of the retraining program “Aesthetics: Art Business” of the Philosophical Faculty of the Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov

Installation “Fibonacci Chairs”, installation “Fibonacci Mushrooms”.

Art Gallery “Black Dog Red Hills”, Moscow


2011, December, Christmas exhibition “Art-Elka”

Object “Road Christmas tree”. Evangelichesko-Lutheran Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, Moscow

2011, December

Happening of the art group “DADANET” (Alexander Pettai, Vladimir Smolyar, Sergey Katran) with the participation of Efgenia (Veselova), “Immersion”. House of Culture. Petlyura, Petrovsky Boulevard, 20, Moscow

2011, November, action (visual-sound action) “The last time, but not the last day” Canceling the End of the World “, Object «The Wheel of Time», installation «Time Crystals», Business Center “Dom”, Moscow

2011, October – November, Exhibition “Paper Time”, National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow

2011, October, action (visual-sound action “The last time, but not the last day” Canceling the End of the World “, Object «The Wheel of Time», installation «Time Crystals», Moscow Philharmonic Society. P.I. Tchaikovsky, Moscow

2011, September – October, IV Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, special project “South Butovo / Sleeper Area”, The object “Ziggurat”, Moscow, Yuzhnoe Butovo

2011, September – October, IV Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, special project “The Spying”, Object “Door”, Gallery on Vspolniy, Moscow

2011, September 15 – October 15, the IV Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, the draft of the parallel program “Between Heaven and Earth”, The action “Trials of the Pipe”, (poster, publication in the catalog), Moscow Region, Dolgoprudny md. Khlebnikovo

2011, September, “ART MOSCOW”, 15th International Art Fair, Installation “Fibonacci mushrooms”, wall object “Wheel of Time”, Central House of Artists, Moscow

2011, August, VII Shiryaev Biennale of Contemporary Art, theme of Biennale “Aliens: Between Europe and Asia”, Moscow project “Pirates”, landscape object “Torrent Tower”, performance “Information soup”, Shiryaevo, Samara region

2011, July, “InTime” (“In Time”), The joint project of Sergey Katran with Ekaterina Sisfontes (Sweden), Information and Library Center. Mayakovsky, AL Gallery, St. Petersburg

2011, June, Exhibition “Reactualization of the Sign”, Gallery on Vspolniy, Moscow

2011, June, “Neformat”, Installation “Failed installation” Parade of the Planets, Gallery on Vspolniy, Moscow

2011, June, “Free Exhibition”, Landscape installation “Failed installation” Parade of the Planets. Depot at the Kurskiy railway station, Moscow

2011, May, Exhibition “Forms of life. Return to reality”, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

2011, April, “A week before the flight”, Object “CESARKA SUPER-7”, (joint work with Smolar Vladimir). Leonid Shishkin Gallery, Moscow

2011, March 25 – 27, the exhibition “55/3”, Installation “Fibonacci Chairs”. ARTPLAY, Moscow

2011, March – April, Exhibition “Khlebnikov and the Province”, The wall object “Bread train”, State Memorial and Natural Reserve LN. Tolstoy “Yasnaya Polyana”, Krapivensky department, Tulsky region

2011, February, “Visual scores”, Installation “Fibonacci Chairs”, (photo of the work is presented on the printed announcement of exhibitions NCCA), National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow

2011, January, the project “Sleeping area. Public lesson”, The object “Air Fences”, object “GROVE-1”, object “match”. Central Office No. 109, Moscow


2010 – 2011, December – January, “Art Yolka”, The State Historical Museum, Moscow

2010, November, “The offering to Khlebnikov”, Wall object “Bread train”. Zverev Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow

2010, September – October, Exhibition “Intolerable Freedom of Creativity”, Object “A Match”, DK VDNH, Moscow

2010, September, Parallel program “Art-Moscow”, the project “Sleeping area. Stop-School”, Object “Fences of Air”, Lyubertsy, comprehensive school

2010, July, Arhstoyanie 2010, “Parallel program”, Landscape object “Matrix”

2010, July, One-day show-dweller “Numbers”, Moscow

2010, July, shooting of short film “TSUEFA”

2010, May, Exhibition “Art Sanatorium”, The object “Gravitational Seal of Time-1” (“GROVE-1”), “Anti-stress Radiator of Happiness and Optimism – 1” (“ANFISKO-1”), (catalog), State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

2010, May – June, Exhibition “Air”, Object “Air Fences”, State Darwin Museum, Moscow

2010, April – May, Exhibition “Alla Gloria Militar”, Bratislava

2010, April, “Khudgraf 2010”, the project “Signs of Life”, Picture book, Small Manezh, Moscow

2010, March, Exhibition “The Origin of Darwin”, MATRIS object, State Darwin Museum, Moscow

2010, February, Performance “Toys”, Dmitrovsky district, Moscow


2009 – 2010, Exhibition “Cosmos-chaos”, Bratislava

2009, One-day exhibition-apartment “Words”, Moscow

2009, September, III Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, special project “Sleeping Area”, Art-object “Auto-absorbing”, Moscow