Installation “The penetration” // 2013


V Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, special project, public art exhibition “Mythology of Moscow”, Moscow Museum, Moscow, 2013

Installation “Penetration” is devoted to the ambiguity of the process of destruction in society and culture. The main elements of this work are the old window frames found by the artist in the garbage dumps. These items, which have not yet lost their utilitarian function, are the victims of innovative technologies. Thanks to art, they acquire a new life. According to the artist, art is the transforming force that can change our reality, filling the voids that are formed during its modernization.

Exhibition “Mythology of Moscow”, Moscow Museum, Moscow, 2013

Dimensions and materials: 11 old window frames with glass, Two steel racks. Height – 200 cm.

Exposure conditions: The minimum floor area is 10 m2