Crack // 2023

Sergey Katran. Crack, May 1-15, 2023

Exhibition, installation, happening

The exhibition that I have planned will take place under several conditions, the main of which is cooperation and solidarity.

The Electrozavod Gallery, which stopped for a while in its run from agile developers, this time on the territory of the Fazotron plant at Malaya Gruzinskaya, 54, has a characteristic “special sign” of space – a huge crack that has passed through the floor and walls, and at the same time and for all exhibitions and events that took place in this place.

Once we were discussing what else could be held in the gallery, and the artist Kirill Ivanov suggested, in the order of delirium, to make the festival “Crack”, at which we would comprehensively beat this conspicuous detail of the space.

We laughed and moved on to discuss other pressing issues.

But the Crack theme continued its development and was embodied in the exhibition. More precisely, it will become an exhibition when you, dear friends, come to the Electrozavod Gallery and take part in the happening.

The event gives everyone the opportunity to become one of the participants in the common cause.

At my request, you brought bright unnecessary things with you. They, as personal evidence of solidarity, we will need for an important ritual. After the show, you can pick them up, and if you do not need them, then I will transfer them to a swap, which is carried out by friendly communities.

We know May 1 as the international day of solidarity of workers, which, for example, in the Soviet Union was always accompanied by large-scale demonstrations – a routine that I could not stand.

We also remember May 1 at the initiative of artists. The most striking example of which is the monstrosities of Artyom Loskutov, who has been celebrating the holiday of Peace, Spring and Labor in Novosibirsk since 2004 with nice people armed with witty and absurd slogans on banners, and with a festive mood. Over time, monsters spread to many cities in Russia and abroad.

Historically, May 1 has been celebrated since 1889 by decision of the Paris Congress of the Second International as a day of remembrance for the Haymarket massacre that took place in Chicago in 1886, and also as a holiday for all working people.

During a demonstration of workers who took to the streets, defending the rights to an eight-hour day and better working conditions, provocateurs threw a bomb at the police. Several policemen and workers were killed. The police started shooting. They killed four workers and wounded several dozen. This was the reason for the arrest of eight anarchists, four of whom were hanged.

Let us return, however, to the Treshchinka exhibition. I propose to celebrate this significant event as a joint pastime for your favorite meaningless business in the circle of like-minded people who wished to share this severe holiday mood with me on this day.

Text: Sergey Katran

Photo: Dima Filippov