Sergey Katran. “LYRICS” // 2016

Publishing house LUM, Moscow, 2016. 192 p. The design of the book – the author’s artworks from the series “Constellation of quickly burned dogs”, 2014 (located in the collection of the NCCA)

ISBN 978-5-906072-20-7

The “Lyrics” is complied of poems selected by myself out of five collections, that for different reasons have not been published before. For example, now I would have not published the book “The Boot of God” , since it is hopelessly outdated. Some poems from the collection “Forest Brothers” I would take back to the forest, where they belong. “Lists of words” are locally urgent, but the form is deeply archaic and tendentious, although it is not deprived of some curious paradoxes, if such a phrase is generally applicable in this context. The collection “Faith of the North” is overfilled with the absence of snows and whispers. “Cross-country vehicles of the destiny” are all about memories, and this, given the fact that this work will have been completed only  2055. Despite many flaws and other brilliant insights, in the book you will find keywords which will not only help you to access your mailbox, but also other important resources of the Internet, including  your credit card and personal data.