Waiting room, installation, site specifics // 2019

Waiting room, installation, site specifics, 2019

This method was used long before the invention of smartphones. We can say that the travel method along with the hero has long migrated from literary works to cinema, and from there, using mass culture, he moved to the worlds of blockbusters, reality shows, computer games and virtual reality.

The trickster, lingering in each of us, makes us find a convenient place in the room so that our limbs do not flow and rush into the bizarre world of adventure. The waiting room is an incubator where the trickster is ripening, along with temperature radiators there are boxes with electronic running lines from immortal works of the classics of world literature – Homer, Cervantes, Dante, Gogol, Joyce, Kafka.

No one here can read the novels completely, this is not required, to raise the temperature in the “room” you need to read a few lines. The more you read, the higher the “temperature in the incubator”, the sooner you will hatch and lift your body – go on a real trip, at least a trip to the Lookuot festival of contemporary art.