Object “Apocrypha of Freedom” // 2018

One of the art strategies of Sergey Katran is a mystification of the present. Following it, the artist reveals breaking points of society, while restraining from direct expression, which allows him to stay in the territory of art and at the same time talk about important things.

The Ministry of Freedom of the Russian Federation announced a competition for modern grids for special correctional institutions, which mostly serve as for keeping different artists (painters, writers, directors, actors, etc.).

Purpose: to diversify the design of window openings;

replacement of old grids.

The contest is open and public.

Publication of May 5, 2018 in the newspaper “Human Factor”.

In the exposition of the exhibition of finalists there are 12 type of grids that will be used by Russian correctional institutions for their prisoners – representatives of the creative class and creative intelligentsia.

The authors of the grids under the terms of the confidentiality agreement are anonymous.