“Forbidden place” // 2017

A silent exhibition is an installation that occupies almost the entire space of the Zverev Center’s gallery, wrapping the room with a thin double electric wire  and at the same time creating some intricate ornament or a bizarre maze (of a schizophrenic) that changes the space and turns it into a Forbidden Place. As an epigraph, Katran cites the words of Roman Mikhailov from the text “Ravinagar”, which in his novel holds the idea of ​​saving civilization and culture by destroying the hierarchy.

“There are two points of delirium. The first point is the awareness of yourself as the center of global action. You come at night to the window, and so everything turns out that someone is looking at you from the house opposite you. You are looked at all the time, the whole world, and what’s more, the whole world game unfolds around your personality. The second point is the realization of yourself as a hidden observer. Hiding from the world, you expose plots, patterns, realizing that your personality does not directly affect it. ”

Roman Mikhailov, Ravinagar.

Detailing and multiplying, going into the floods and straits, traveling along the edge and without the goal, moving like a nomad psychogeographically and at random and mindful of the rhizome, washing it all away with a seagull, distracted by facebook, creating a situation of presence, catching yourself on it, leaving, leaving a trace like nonsense, you dig in the ground like a lightning rod and wait, when a thunderstorm comes and gives you several thousand volts. Lurking, in the depths of your soul, you do not want this blow, you hammer deeper into your shelter, you warm the cold walls with animal heat, you fear, you are wary, you look around and whisper something from Nietzsche. You generate procrastination. You cherish the depression.

Burying deeper, you read about the stand-alone object, you speculate. When this happens, you know – you found a taboo place.

Sergey Katran

November 20-26, 2017 in the Zverev Center for Contemporary Art, Sergey Katran