“Fibonacci Mushrooms” // 2012


Baltic Biennale, “New Layer” exhibition, Rizzordi Art Foundation, 2012

The interest to muchrooms is rooted in its dual position in the systematization of living beings inhabiting the planet Earth. Scientists are still arguing about the place of  Fungi  in the classification – plants or animals, or can be allocated into a separate kingdom.

In addition to this problem, the artist considers the dynamic “growth” of fungal parasites by the example of “blue fungi” invented by him for demonstration of the growth of the “parasite” in the mathematical sequence in correspondence to Fibonacci number series. Thus, the artist demonstrates a “pure” model of parasite development, which has all opportunities for development.

Fibonacci mushrooms may simbolize the development of financial pyramids, the growth of monopoly corporations, the level of corruption and many other parasitic tendencies in society.

Baltic Biennale, “New Layer” exhibition, Rizzordi Art Foundation, 2012

Dimensions and materials: Plastic, polystyrene, acrylic paints. Dimensions vary within a radius of 10 cm to 130 cm.

Display conditions:

Could be exhibited in two versions:

  1. Objects are attached to the walls in the corner of the room
  2. Objects put on the floor